"Achieving Rejuvenation Through Technology"


To contribute to the good health and well-being of people by providing excellent, reliable, products and services. We always strive to improve our products and all our services by continuously evaluating our processes and identifying new methods that will enable us to further excel in the best care of our professional clients and patients.

Our mission is to be recognized as the most professional company providing quality medical products and services – We measure our standards – for the delivery of high-quality, cost-effective and state-of-the-art medical services in a kindly, caring way responsive to the needs of the people in our community.

“Winning overall rejuvenation through technology”



In this era of general developments of rejuvenation products and medical treatments, our company has set itself the task of providing the best products available in bio-identical technology, which includes the following full consulting services:

1. Set-up of Medical Genetics/ DNA Laboratories. Our main services includes:

  • Equipment purchasing selection,
  • Physical clinical laboratory designed specifically under the CAP guidelines including fit-out work drawings,
  • Provide in depth genetics and DNA technical reading results training to your physicians or technical staff,
  • CAP certification – Support the full process to setup and get CAP certification to your laboratory (College of American Pathology).
  • We work directly with your architectural designers or we can provide our own design team,
  • We work directly with international laboratory equipment and chemical suppliers (from USA, Japan and Europe),
  • We can also setup a full STEM CELL research laboratory.

2. Set-up Medical and Rejuvenation Clinics.

  • We provide full architectural designs including 3D final views for the client,
  • We provide support for equipment selection (depending on the services to be provided)
  • We provide technical training on therapies and products to doctors and nurses on: (BHT) Bio-identical Hormone Therapy (From analyzing hormone imbalance to insertion procedures), PRP treatments for beauty or bone regeneration, Fillers, Botox, Vitamin Drips, and various bio-identical hormone pellets, injections or creams, including various FDA certified supplements.

3. Set-up of Compounding Pharmacies.

  • Provide the full set-up for compounding pharmaceutical services including: Physical equipment, general setup, Logistics, delivery, technical hands-on training, quality control processes, including all FDA approved chemicals/ equipment.

Our company it’s a private licensed well-established outfit with a network of doctors and medical partners reaching to several important regions.

The intention is to enable clients and patients around the world to take advantage of the company’s high quality technology we can bring to you.

Bio-HealthTek Group is a company specializing in the provision of a wide range of rejuvenation products, and consulting services. In addition, providing training to physicians, medical clinics, and hospitals with genetics services and various hormonal treatment therapies for overall rejuvenation of the body.

Our reputation is founded on the ability to deliver global services comparable in standard to that obtained in the western world. Further information to stress our commitment is available for any follow up discussion, as we look forward to an opportunity to demonstrate to you our professional expertise and competence.

Please accept our sincere appreciation for your kind attention.

Yours faithfully,

Bio-HealthTek Group