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Recent reports have demonstrated the benefits of Estrogen on the skin and many patients know that using Estriol topically is so very beneficial for their entire body.

Recent reports have demonstrated the benefits of Estrogen on the skin and many patients know that using Estriol topically is so very beneficial for their entire body.However, many patients also have these questions:
• Will it work locally to manage the wrinkles and the aging skin process?
• Is there any way to obtain the dermal benefits of estrogens locally?
• Does it reach systemic levels for women who are Estrogen dominant between their 40’s and 50’s, have had breast cancer and told to avoid Estrogen, or women who are afraid or not sure if using Estrogen is safe?

The short answer is yes, women can benefit locally from the amazing skin improvements, and won’t increase systemic levels significantly. Let’s summarize these studies and the dramatic dermal benefits demonstrated in these numerous studies.

1. Greater epidermal and dermal thickness because of increased collagen production.
2. Wrinkles disappear as they become filled in with healthy skin.
3. Better structure and order to the elastin fiber matrix. (Aging will cause a “disorderly” deposition of the elastin fibers, thus resulting in uneven texture.)
4. Greater vascularization (i.e. more blood vessels allow better oxygen and nutrient delivery to the skin).
5. Higher levels of hyaluronic acid (primary substance in expensive fillers like Restylane) and mucopolysaccharides, which all result in increased dermal hydration.
6. Inhibition of excessive sebum (skin oil) production, thus better control of acne.
7. Diminished facial hair in both texture, color and quantity. So essentially less facial hair, and the hair is less masculine in type being less coarse and dark.
8. Antioxidant action, essential for healthy skin and therefore protects the skin against free radical damage.
There is a big difference between estrogens provided topically or orally as a pill.

Is not recommended ever use an oral estrogen as they increase inflammation, increase weight gain, increase gall bladder problems and dramatically increase Estrone levels, the estrogen that causes breast cancer and needs to be reduced.

However topical Estrogens such as Estriol will interact with your body, just as if they were your own hormones when you were 20 years old.
So what about the effects of estrogens applied topically in the form of a cream?

Research: Many studies have been done on the 0.3% Estriol cream (3mg E3/gr) applied on the skin of 58 women between the ages of 44 and 66. None used HRT.

All subjects were instructed to use the same cleansing and cosmetic regimen, and to apply 1g of cream to the face once a day. Measurements of skin elasticity, moisture content, vascularization, wrinkle depth, and pore size were done at baseline and after 6 months of treatment. There was no “vehicle only” control group, but a previous study using a control group had already confirmed a considerable physiological impact of Estriol on the skin.

Results: there was a dramatic improvement on all measures in the Estriol group. The Estriol group showed a fast improvement. The chief advantage of Estriol, however, turned out to be lack of side effects. Only one woman in the Estriol group reported a possible side effect, namely itching.
The post-study pictures of the improvement of the depth of wrinkles using the 0.3% Estriol cream was impressive. We see age spots fading in color with properly balanced bioidentical topical therapies. Part of Estriol’s beneficial effects on the skin may be not just its stimulation of growth factors, but also its antioxidant properties. Estriol and its metabolites are surprisingly potent antioxidants.

The research concludes: “Estriol, a biologically weaker estrogen, shows predominantly epidermotropic effects or healthy skin appearance with the formation of new skin tissue. Also there is a lack of any systemic side effects with the topical therapies. These promising local effects after topical external use only, suggests that Estriol should gain importance in topical use in dermatology in the future, although the fear factor still has to be overcome for some patients.

For all patients who have read extensively, are extremely knowledgeable and devoted to optimizing their health using bioidentical hormone therapies, the addition of Estriol as a topical to improve and promote healthy youthful skin is an exciting safe addition to achieving a youthful appearance.

In addition, we routinely recommend for use in patients suffering with vaginal dryness. Important Note: the peri-menopausal women can use the Estriol cream without worrying about raising their serum estrogen levels. But note also that those women who use the classic extremely weakest or best formula that contains only .125mg of estradiol have their answer of why it hasn’t done anything for their vaginal dryness or their memory loss.

One of the amazing results from the studies is the dramatic topical effect of using Estriol cream and the filling in of wrinkles on the neck area. That, together with the fading of keratoses and repair of sun damage and sunspots means a healthy appearing face and neck and it is not just an appearance, the skin is so much more healthy. Other hormones have also been shown clinical to improve the appearance of the facial and neck skin.

The effects of topical progesterone, pregnenolone, with Estriol may show even better improvements in the quality of the skin, and the reduction of acne and facial hair growth.

There are also proven topical benefits for Estriol creams to treat scarring and other skin disorders. This is simply unknown to the medical community, even though it is well documented in the world clinical literature. Even dermatologists are unaware of the skin healing properties of topical Estriol cream. You can use the same 0.3% cream for both scarring and aging skin, especially under the eyes. This would apply to both men and women.

This is far more effective and good for your skin. Actually, this is the most effective wrinkle and scarring cream known to science, but hardly anyone is aware of it. This tiny amount used daily will not raise your blood Estriol levels. You can see visible results in 90 days.


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