"Achieving Rejuvenation Through Technology"



The Bio-Hydrate is a functional IV drip providing replenishing fluids, essential vitamins and minerals to restore hydration. Suitable for: Exercise Fatigue, General Exhaustion, Hangover, Skin Complexion, Seasonal Illness, Jet-Lag and Dehydration.

The Bio-Fitness Performance is a functional IV Injection that provides replenishing fluids, essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids before, during and after all extreme activities and for those who regularly participate in sport activities.

Rejuvenation is a functional IV Injection providing replenishing fluids, essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids to restore a youthful radiance. Helps in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, suppress the formation of bacterial acne and blemishes, and aids the production collagen to enhance elasticity.

Bio-Immune Boost:
The Bio-Immune Boost provides replenishing fluids, essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids to combat cold and flu symptoms and gets you back on track. Ideal to have before the flu season starts to build up your reserves and support your immune system.

Bio-IV Vitamin Cocktails
The concept of vitamin IV treatments began in the US more than 50 years ago, when a Baltimore physician named John Myers invented the Myers’ Cocktail, containing a combination of vitamins B and C, as well as calcium and magnesium to treat a broad range of conditions from muscular strain to chronic fatigue.

Sound too good to be true? Well, for the most part, it is. IV vitamin therapy is useful in patients who are nutritionally deprived — those too sick to eat, such as those suffering from cancer. It’s also for those who want radiance skin and to prevent cancer.

The USRDA for Vitamin C is only 75 mg. That’s MILLIGRAMS. A normal healthy person can absorb and use between 4,000-15,000 milligrams per day. So the USRDA is way off on this one. 75 mg is basically what someone decided is the absolute minimum amount to keep you from getting scurvy. This is not an amount that promotes health and optimal body function.
One orange has about 150mg of Vitamin C, about 2 times more than the USRDA.

Intravenous Multi-Vitamin

Vitamin Cocktails are a powerful oxidant (free radical scavenger). Intravenous (IV) vitamin’s are given by a drip into a vein in the arm. It is possible to give much higher doses of Vitamin Mix intravenously than it is by mouth, thus achieving very high levels in the bloodstream.

IV Vitamin Cocktails are an extremely safe form of treatment and very rarely has any side-effects. It is much safer than most drugs made by pharmaceutical companies.

When giving intravenously, IV vitamin C is often combined with other important nutrients such as magnesium, B vitamins, glutathione and lipoic acid.

Although considered by the medical community to be an unconventional treatment, IV Vitamin Cocktails have been given in high doses to many thousands of people in many countries over the last forty years. Clinical experience has shown that IV vitamin C can be useful in the following situations

– The treatment of chronic fatigue
– The treatment of viral infections such as influenza, the common cold, glandular fever and shingles
– The treatment of bacterial infections such as cellulitis (a common skin infection)
– The treatment of burns and stings
– For people who are feeling “run-down” because they are working long hours or doing a lot of travelling, and who would like an “energy boost”
– To boost the immune system in people who are suffering from frequent infections, particularly viral upper respiratory infections
– Cancer


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